At-Risk Boarding School Shows Huge Jump in Math Scores

The Academy at Sisters, the Northwest premier therapeutic boarding school for at-risk girls, is proud to announce our academic results.

Students attending the Academy at Sisters show marked improvement while in our program. When compared to the students’ scores from the previous year, the average per student grades increased dramatically – jumped 4.2 grade levels in Math, 2 grade levels in Writing, and 2.3 grade levels in Reading.

Academic Director for the Academy at Sisters, Rick Buening commented, -We have been thrilled by the results of our educational program. We see this as a direct result of having small, year-round classes that are integrated with the therapeutic treatment. Girls can learn in a safe, supportive environment that is highly rewarding.-

Accelerated Math, is another big factor for the tremendous success in the math scores. This program allows teachers to quickly analyze a student’s level in math and then provides practice problems for areas where the student is lacking. Buening commented, -When a girl comes into a therapeutic program like ours, we need to make a quick assessment of her abilities and to create a curriculum that works specifically for her.- The Academy at Sisters is also starting to utilize online learning like the Khan Academy to provide individualized instruction.

Psychologist for the program, Dr. Julie Schneider commented: -Academic progress builds self-esteem and self-confidence; students feel more successful and competent. We see our students begin to believe that they CAN be successful. They feel less depressed, anxious, or angry in general, which helps motivate them to use the skills they learn in the program to make necessary changes to their behavior, their relationships, and their social lives.-

The Academy at Sisters is located in Bend, Oregon. For more information about our programs, visit us at or call Chesley at 800-910-0412.

A-levels British School

One of the qualifications offered by British educational institutions, Cayman Islands, Cameroon, Wales and Northern Ireland is the A-level or advanced level. A-level courses are offered in a British school spread over two years. These courses are recognized all over the world as a standard qualification. Students who have completed A level courses are considered suitable and highly eligible for courses in UK universities.

A level course in a British school consists of six modules. After completion of the first year, schools carry out assessment of three modules qualifying students to the AS level or the Advanced Subsidiary Level. Rest of the three modules are assessed after completion of the second year after which the students are considered to be A2 qualified.

Students must complete both the AS and A2 levels in a particular subject to be considered to have completed the A-level. A written examination assesses the modules. Exam papers are internally assessed through coursework and marked by national organizations.

British schools offer a number of A-level exams for students. Students usually study four subjects at the AS level followed by the A2 level. In order to enter universities, a student must have minimum A-levels.

Passing grades for A-level followed by British schools are A*, A, B, C, D and E. Students who pass with 90% marks in their overall A-level subjects are awarded the A* grade. In UK, A-level examinations are monitored by examination boards. Certain boards also allow international students to work for and qualify in A-levels.

In the United Kingdom, A-levels are an integral part of the tertiary Further Education. As an option, secondary British school students at Sixth Form institutions are also allowed to study A-levels.

Even before the A-level results are published, students apply to UK universities for admission. Universities then take their predicted levels into consideration to offer seats. As predictions can be unreliable, the institutions offer a conditional seat to students.

Certain universities convert the A-level grades to numerical scores. According to the UCAS system, 140 points are awarded for an A* grade at the A-level, 120 for A, 100 for B, 80 for C, 60 for D and 40 for E.

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority is the watchdog of these exams. A new system of scoring is introduced by them under which the same importance is given to both vocational and general A-levels.
A brilliant career is possible with the right choice of degree and university. A reputed business school offering A-level subjects such as Mathematics and Business Studies enables students to pursue successful career in finance or business or a combination of both.

A-level British school offers the best learning environment in terms of professional contacts, facilities and teaching. Business schools in the city of London, the finance and business hub of UK provide a completely different perspective of education that ensures professional employment. They offer undergraduates a very high level of academic support and students are offered an opportunity to work part time to fund their tuition fee.

A Richmond School is Ideal for your Child

Education is very essential to groom children into knowledgeable and well rounded individuals. But it is very important to provide children with something extra that can give them an extra edge. It can help them to do better in life and become an asset for their family and the society. When you are looking for a Richmond school for your child, you need to be careful about certain things. Some of the most important things are discussed below.

Reputation: It is very essential that an educational institution should have an impeccable reputation. Before selecting a Richmond school for your child, you must enquire about the reputation of the school from various community members. There are more chances that a educational institution with a sound reputation can provide a much better level of education and development to your child.

Facilities: A school also needs to have good curricular and extracurricular facilities as it can facilitate learning and help children feel more comfortable at school. A Richmond primary school that offers all the latest facilities and amenities for its students can easily do a much better job of producing children that can prove to be assets for their community as well as the country.

Faculty: This is in fact the most important factor that can make a real difference to your child’s future. All the facilities and amenities mean nothing if a Richmond secondary school does not have dedicated and experienced faculty members. One inspirational teacher is enough to change the life of a child and become a life long guide that can make a world of difference. So this factor is of paramount importance while selecting a Richmond primary school.

Education style: This element can prove be a deciding factor while selecting a Richmond school for your child. There is a lot of difference in the way education is imparted in various educational institutions. Most of the well known schools stress on the overall development of your child and his personality. A lot of emphasis is placed not only on education but sports and other activities also. This can help your child excel not only academically but in other spheres too. Maharishi Free School is a leading Richmond school and offers students an ideal and cohesive environment that is ideal for learning. They believe in providing equal opportunities to children of every race, religion and social economic background. They have produced excellent results that are a testimony of the hard work and effort they make to produce excellent students.