Australian Golf Course Reviews – Hope Island

Hope Island Golf Club

Designer: – Peter Thompson, 5 times British Open Champion

Links Style course Par 72 ACR 74 Top 100 rating – 35

1, Par 4 (341 m) A wide fairway with no bunkers to worry about. Green not so fiercely guarded by bunkers. Best line to approach is down the left side which is a better approach to the green. Coming in from the right side may be more difficulty, depending on the position of the pin.

2, Par 5 (501 m) Think again if you are trying to reach this in two, it has a raised, smaller green. It is a difficult hole that requires straight hitting as bunkers to left and right come into play.

3, Par 3 (193 m) Deep imposing bunkers protect getting on the green in one shot. Caution as there are bunkers well short of the green. Being short here is not all bad.

4, Par 4 (402 m) The key to this hole is not length but accuracy, play a fairway wood or long iron from the tee and from there it will be a much easier shot in.

5, Par 3 (140 m) Trouble on both sides here, but overall a short hole with a small green that requires an accurate shot in. Safe area is left and short.

6, Par 4 (372 m) The fairway is protected with bunkers that will only come into play for the longer hitters. The green is protected by a small bunker. The green has steep sloping sides. Again short is safe

7, Par 4 (351 m) The fairway narrows from around 280 meter mark, a straight shot will result in an easy shot in. Off- line and the perspective changes entirely. A slightly tiered green but not overly difficult.

8, Par 5 (502 m) A monster of a Par 5 with no less than 8 bunkers. From the tee two bunkers lie ahead, for your second steer left. Once in range a well placed shot will reward you well, off-line and a well protected green will make you pay.

9, Par 4 (368 m) Your tee shot back to the Clubhouse in the background will need to negotiate the fairway bunkers, most will come up short of these. Your second shot into a difficult green will be well rewarded.

10, Par 4 (369 m) Aim your drive left of centre here for the best and safest shot. Your second to a flat green is protected by a wicked bunker, steer clear of this one.

11, Par 5 (511 m) Another long Par 5 but it looks exactly how it is and has no hidden traps and a wide landing area. A generous flat green is reasonably easy to read.

12, Par 4 (351 m) A difficult short par four with a well bunkered fairway which is made more difficult by hidden bunkers on the right side. Keep left for a safe landing area for your second into a tiered green.

13, Par 4 (389 m) A dangerous par 4 with lots of traps for short and long hitters. Long hitters who can negotiate the fairway bunkers will be rewarded with an easier shot in, lay-up and have a difficult long iron or fairway wood into a green guarded well by bunkers.

14, Par 3 (192 m) This small green favors the left side for a safer side to play. Areas around the green a generous but right side will have a difficult chip or put.

15, Par 4 (410 m) The longest par 4 on the course and can be made more difficult by the wind. Bunkers line this fairway well so accuracy off the tee is paramount. Your second into an elevated green, for those laying up stay right.

16, Par 4 (320 m) An accurate drive through a tiny gap is adventurous for those higher handicappers, a lost ball will result. Heavy penalties for those that miss this gap, better favor the right side for your shot into the green which is protected by deep green-side bunker.

17, Par 3 (230 m) From the back tee the average player cannot make this in one. Aim right to a small fairway for a bogey is best for most. Caution if the wind is into your face.

18, Par 5 (515 m) Another long par 5 to finish with water to the left so select your Driver cautiously. Stay right for the best result, lots of bunkers protect both side of this green so think carefully before launching your second. Your third shot is into a small well guarded green.

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