All About Field Hockey on School Sports Tours to Holland

Tucked away in the southern part of Holland, in the western Netherlands, is the village and former municipality of Valkenburg. In 2006 a number of districts in the area were merged together to form the municipality and town of Katwijk, which now includes Valkenburg as one of its districts. Valkenburg offers school sports tours a great location with easy access from the major airports and a larger city, while still providing a village feel. One of the highlights of a trip to Valkenburg is the chance to learn about field hockey and how to play or improve students’ games. While in Valkenburg students will learn about the history of field hockey, some of the most famous players, and even get the chance to spend an afternoon at the Phantasialand amusement park.

Field Hockey – It is thought that depictions from Ancient Greece, circa 200 B.C.E., possibly illustrate one of the forerunners of modern field hockey; players in the images are chasing a ball with a horn. Now, young athletes on school sports tours no longer need to chase the ball with a horn, but instead use modern interpretations of the ‘stick’ that can be made from wood, fibreglass or other approved materials. During their time in Valkenburg students can learn much about the rules of outdoor field hockey and how it differs from the indoor variety. In addition, they will get to try out their new skills on and off the pitches, with specialised coaches and organised matches against other teams in the area.

Famous Faces of Field Hockey – As the second most popular sport in Holland, it should come as no surprise that the field hockey has its own list of famous names attached to it. While on school sports tours to Holland, learning how to play field hockey and improve individual and team skills, students are bound to come across some of them and be inspired to learn more about what made them great. Some of these players are: Australia’s Fergus Kavanagh and Kiel Brown; Spain’s Ramn Alegre, who was part of the 2008 Olympic silver medal winning team; and the UK players Simon Mantell, who helped his team finish fifth in the 2008 Olympics, and James Tindall, famous for being named the UK Hockey Writer’s Player of the Year in 2006.

Phantasialand – During school sports tours to Valkenburg, students will also need a chance to relax, wind down and simply have some fun. Just a short coach trip away is Phantasialand. Located in Western Germany, Phantasialand was once a family theme park, but has added a host of thrilling rides in recent years. The park has rollercoasters and shows aplenty. Most match the park’s various themed areas such as: Berlin, Fantasy, Mexico, China, Mystery, and Deep in Africa. Phantasialand is a perfect place for students to take a break from pounding the field hockey pitches of Valkenburg.

Acting School For Perfect Drama

Acting schools in New York is multi-ethnic and is a sophisticated city where acting aspirants attend excellent acting schools in New York. The acting schools in New York are not bad placess to start and learn to pursue a career in the theater or the movies. Acting schools in New York may be less costly as compared to acting schools in New York; however, every cent paid to these schools in New York is worth all the expense. In fact, most actors and actresses who made it to Hollywood and the theater started out in the acting schools in New York. If budgets for taking acting classes within acting schools in New York are not problematic, the other dilemmas for an aspiring actor may have are admissions to these schools in New York. There are a lot of acting schools in New York which are rather selective considering the acting students they would accept. To have a good chance to be accepted in these schools in New York an applicant must have the talent, determination, an excellent grade point average, and have the proper personalities to make flattering recommendation.

Among the number of acting schools in New York that aspirants may apply to is Ted Bardy Studio Inc. which may be found in the Union Square area of New York. Like other acting schools in New York, this institution offers individuals with concentrated and individualized acting lessons. Although every individual whether a newbie, real actors or professionals in new York who may want to hone their skills and talents further and who may want to apply is all right to take part of the acting workshop in acting schools in New York; however, there are only limited slots available to make certain that individualized instruction is provided for this particular institution. Among other acting schools in New York, this institution makes use of the Stanilavski/Meisner method in conducting classes to their students.

Acting schools in New York One other good institution among acting schools in New York is the East End Ensemble in Brooklyn. This acting school among other acting schools in New York only began operations a few years ago. It was previously set up unlike other acting schools in New York inside a private residence which intends to enhance the capabilities of its adult students in their communications prowess that they may not master in other acting schools in New York. The Acting for Teen or ACTeen has been in operation for practically thirty years in the city. It is the first among acting schools in New York to have on-cam acting instruction for adolescents. This is an acting school appropriate for young learners who want to pursue a career in acting or their artistic craft in the theater.

The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts is among the best acting schools in New York that yearly is in quest for the most ardent and talented young artists in the United States. Lots of young aspirants for acting schools in New York do try their best to pass the audition for this school but only a selected number are eventually accepted. The lucky ones have the best chances to gain experience in the most challenging, all-inclusive, and worthwhile acting training workshop. The institution like other acting schools in New York share all the knowledge and practice that can possibly help their students to become the best actors they can be and take the accomplishments of its students at heart. Like some of the other acting schools in New York, it takes twenty-four long and challenging months for students to graduate wholly set to show their talents and acting skills self-confidently and professionally in every aspect of their career.

Attending a Junior College in Miami

Many students decide that although college is the path they want to pursue, attending a 4-year university is not for them. Its not uncommon for students to feel pressured into attending a prestigious college or university, but today more than ever, students are seeing the benefits in choosing a junior college first. Junior colleges, such as CBT College in Miami, offer challenging courses and have prime locations throughout the city that afford students the opportunity to engage in water sports, outdoor adventures and trips to the beach.

Lets take a look at why so many students are choosing junior colleges as a precursor to their academic careers.

Smaller Class Sizes

At junior colleges such as CBT College, class size is a priority. While larger colleges have lecture halls that can hold hundreds of students, especially with general education courses, junior colleges have much smaller class sizes. In fact, some classes are as small as 30 students, which is less than what most high school classrooms have.

Smaller class sizes mean more one-on-one interaction with the professor, as well as more meaningful classroom discussions. Students attending junior colleges favor these informal classes that offer more opportunities to be an active participant instead of a passive one. Furthermore, students agree that when theyre involved in the classroom, they are more likely to understand the information and apply the lessons to real-world applications.

Easing the Transition to a Major University

Students attend junior colleges for a variety of reasons. No matter where you fall in the scheme of things, know that by attending a junior college, youll be easing the transition to a larger university. Junior colleges are not placeholders as some have stigmatized. Since these schools are designed to be precursors to a higher institution, their credits can be transferred to most universities. Even if you choose not to attend a university directly after completing your associates degree, the credits can be transferred at a later date.

Most importantly, by attending a junior college such as CBT College, youre laying the groundwork to be accepted into your school of choice. Those that already have their associates degree are more likely to be accepted into the program than those fresh out of high school that may have had poor grades or SAT scores. And if you werent sure about attending college in the first place, your years at a junior college will prepare you for the college world.

More Time Means More Opportunities

Lets face it: Most students dont know what they want to do with the rest of their life straight out of high school. And in a job market where it is especially difficult to find stability, its important to be well-rounded and take on jobs both within and outside your major. By attending a junior college, youll be allowing yourself ample time to discover what you want to do. General education courses will be the bulk of your studies, and there will be time to work, conduct internships and get the hands-on experience you need to dabble in different fields.

Some schools such as CBT College in Miami specialize in various fields, leaving more opportunities for students of all ages. For example, if you have a specialized field of study you want to pursue, you can skip the 4-year university, save money and only take the classes you need to become certified. An example is medical assisting, where a 4-year degree is not necessary, but instead the proper coursework and certification. By attending a junior college, courses can be completed within a few short years so you can jumpstart your career.

These are just some of the advantages of choosing a junior college in Miami. Saving money, testing out different career paths and access to local campuses are a few others that can make a difference in the school you choose. Know that by attending a junior college, you are giving yourself the opportunity to further your education, keep relevant in a competitive job market and set yourself up for future success.

Amy Russell is an independent college counselor who enjoys helping others achieve their educational goals. She typically discusses topics such as the benefits of attending a junior college, such as CBT College in Miami. Being a Miami Florida local, she tends to refer students in the area to among other competitive schools to choose from.