Effect Positive Social Changes by Pursuing an Online Degree in Social Work

Make a Move Toward Career Advancement

If you are seeking a rewarding career where you can enhance the lives of others, then a career in social work definitely is worth considering. Social workers or employees who work in health and human services help individuals who need assistance socially, medically, interpersonally, or financially.
Therefore, social workers often counsel clients or direct them to the agencies or programs that can best serve their needs. So, if you already work in the human services sector but want to enhance your skills, then obtaining an online degree in social work is the next logical step to make in your career.

An Advanced Degree Is Recommended for Anyone Working in the Health and Human Services Sector

Social work responsibilities can include assisting clients with their applications for such programs as welfare or Medicare or arranging schedules for group therapy. While degrees in social work are offered at the associates and bachelor’s degree levels, career counselors advise employees to obtain an MSW (Masters in Social Work) or PhD if they want to advance in their career.

Consider Obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Your Preferred Niche or Area of Specialization

Also, you may want to consider receiving a graduate certificate as well. A graduate certificate offers courses that help you focus on a specific niche. Usually certificate curriculums are made up of five to ten courses that feature credentialed study in such areas as family and child services or geriatrics. Besides these areas, social workers can also develop their skillset in planning and policymaking as well. That’s why working at obtaining additional training can be a big boon to your career.

Use Your Experience and Advanced Training to Excel in Your Social Work Career

Direct involvement in programs that take care of people’s needs, such as adult and child services, substance abuse, foster care, and child protection, can lead to administrative roles if you receive additional training. Therefore, obtaining a social work masters degree online is one goal that is well worth the investment.

Effect a Positive Change: Go Online and Review the Course Offerings

If you enjoy working in the health and human services field and want to make an impact in your career, then reviewing the graduate courses offered in social work is, again, the right move to make for effecting a positive change in your job as well as your local community.