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Augment your Skills with an Online Criminal Justice Degree or an MSN in Nursing

Online Training is Provided for Criminal Justice and Nursing Professionals through Loyola University

Fortunately, today, professionals working in the field of criminal justice and nursing do not have to fight traffic or rush to class in order to obtain advanced training. Loyola University New Orleans Online offers students in these career areas to augment their skills through advanced online training.

What the Criminal Justice Degree Covers

For example, the private university offers people working in criminal justice, law enforcement, or the field of forensics to develop their managerial and administrative skills by obtaining a master’s degree online. An online criminal justice degree is offered that covers key topics in the criminal justice field, including:

  • Crisis management;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Ethics; and
  • Practice management.

Each of the four subject areas helps prepare employees in the criminal justice field to lead and manage others with more confidence. What’s more, an understanding of the aforementioned topics gives students a decided advantage when applying for managerial and administrative jobs in law enforcement, forensics quality assurance, risk assessment, and loss prevention management.

Required Coursework

The degree allows online students to specialize in one of two areas – forensic science administration or justice administration. Students opting to specialize in justice administration must take six major core courses in addition to specialized courses and electives. Students choosing to specialize in forensic science administration must take four specialized courses and 2 electives.

Upgrade your Management Skills

Either specialization will enable students to become better acquainted with current topics in the field and give them the organizational skills needed to oversee a judicial department, forensics lab or crime scene investigation unit.

Get your MSN through Loyola Too

Nurses can supplement their training by registering for an online rn to msn degree program through Loyola University New Orleans too. The college offers nurses a master’s degree in nursing with a concentration in HCSM or health care systems management. Nurses choosing advanced training in this area develop the skills needed to lead by taking courses that cover such areas as health care systems, human resources management, managed care, and disease resource management.

Enrollment Requirements

In order to enroll in the program, applicants should hold a BSN or have completed a bridge program for nurses. A GPA of 3.0 is required as are three professional references, college transcripts, RN license, and liability coverage.

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