Atlanta Christian College

Atlanta Christian College is a small, private college ten miles south of downtown Atlanta. The 54 acre campus is located on Ben Hill Road in East Point, Georgia. The college was founded in 1937 and is affiliated with the Christian Church and the Churches of Christ. The current enrollment is just over 1,000 students.

The college was originally devoted to the education of ministers, missionaries, and other related church fields. The schools curriculum was broadened in 1990 to include majors such as business, counseling, English, early childhood education, history, humanities, music, and psychology as well as biblical studies. Atlanta Christian College confers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, as well as a Bachelor of Theology degree, which is a five year program. The college also awards an Associate of Arts degree in business. In addition a three year baccalaureate program is available for qualified students.

Atlanta Christian College has six intercollegiate athletic teams that play in Division II of the National Christian College Athletic Association. The college currently has teams that play baseball, volleyball, mens and womens soccer, and mens and womens basketball. The baseball team won the 2010 NCCAA Division II National Championship. Three additional sports programs are planned for fall 2011. There will be mens and womens cross country as well as softball. Club football is also slated to begin in fall 2011.

In February 2011 Atlanta Christian College announced a major move and expansion program. The current campus has no room for growth, as it is surrounded by residential property. Over the past four years the college has been looking for a suitable place to relocate. In July 2011 Atlanta Christian College will officially change its name to Point University. The process will then begin to relocate the main campus to West Point, Georgia, a town one hour southwest of Atlanta. The move to a larger campus will accommodate future growth in enrollment, allow an expansion of the athletics program, and ensure that there is enough dorm space for future students. Point University will continue to offer an adult degree program on its current campus in East Point, as well as its program in Peachtree City, Georgia that serves adults and dual enrolled high school students.

Atlanta Christian College will continue to provide its students an education that prepares them for Christ-centered service and leadership. There is a global vision for ministry, and the college strives to instill a sound Christian foundation that enables its graduates to have an effective Christian witness in the world.

Ask Online Education & Career Questions

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