All Girls School For Grade 1 Students

St. Mildreds-Lightbourn School, an independent school for girls located in Oakville, Ontario, is pleased to announce that it has recently collaborated with PhotoSensitives Cancer Connections project, a touring exhibition that promotes cancer awareness. Not only is the school playing a large role in encouraging participation in the exhibition from other independent schools across Canada, but one of its students, Maddie Goodall, has had her photograph accepted to tour across Canada with the exhibition.

St. Mildreds has reached out to the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CIS) to encourage students to participate by making a submission to the exhibition.

The project, presented by PhotoSensitive in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, is a large-scale black and white photographic exhibition depicting Canadians experiences with cancer.

St. Mildreds-Lightbourn School decided to partner with PhotoSensitive to raise awareness about the project in the independent school community. The school has written a letter to the CAIS community to encourage submissions on behalf of the schools and individual students to help raise cancer awareness.

The exhibition travels across the country to engage Canadians in conversations about cancer, in turn raising awareness about the disease. This project marks the first time that PhotoSensitive is accepting submissions from both professional photographers and the general public.

“SMLS is very excited to invite CAIS and CIS students from across Canada to join the Cancer Connections National Photography Exhibition, says Karen Dyne, Director of Arts at St. Mildred’s. It is a wonderful opportunity for student photographers to join professional photographers to help bring public awareness to one of the most important challenges facing society today.”

Maddie Goodall, who is a Grade 12 student at St. Mildreds-Lightbourn School, recently joined the Cancer Connections exhibition through the schools work study program. Maddie has aspirations of pursuing a career in photography, and is joining the exhibition after taking photos of a number of her subjects. She presented six photographic submissions in total, which can be viewed on the Cancer Connections website by entering Goodall in the search bar.

Benefits Are Unlimited With Online Education

Distance learning courses have many benefits over regular, on-campus courses and thats because certain factors are there to cater to the success of these courses. Factors like time, place, convenience, the style of teaching etc play the key role for the popularity of distance learning courses that are flourishing in the world of education these days.

If you have the willpower and the zeal for learning in a total self-based method, distance learning courses are just for you. For, it offers you a mode of education where you will entirely be on your own. Most of your studies and practical work will require you to invest hours of brainstorming, all alone. You will be able to test your strengths and presence of mind.

Choosing a distance learning course is for the benefit of your career. You opt for distance learning for the simple reason that you cannot attend a regular, land-based college or university due to some unavoidable constraints like your home front, your job, time or other commitments.

There are distance learning courses and there are distance learning courses, but how can you tell which one is genuine? Which one will really give your career a boost? Which one will really seem appealing to the employers? Which one will really give you an authentic, legitimate degree? Which one will be really be worth the hard work? Questions are infinite. Answer is what you have to find out through extensive research of the many options available to you.

Online education:

Online education has the power to reach out to more people than regular courses or even distance learning courses, and why not? It offers more benefits, more convenience and more flexibility than any other type of education. You can:

Study from the comfort of your home- with online education, you have the opportunity to learn from your home, which saves the time, rush and cost that would otherwise have incurred.

Dont have to go by the schedules- what if you have a baby? You have to look after her yourself or appoint a babysitter, both of which call for the cost of time and money; which can cost you the precious hours of your classes, and missing your classes can cost you your career. But if you go for online study you will be able to learn whenever you want; at the time of looking after your baby or just sitting relaxed, having a cup of coffee. The class will resume until you are free, and you have the opportunity to talk to your faculty through e-mail or chat or video conference.

Study at your pace: this is another big advantage of online education. You wont have to rush at an abnormal pace which you are not comfortable with. Let other students study at their velocity, you study at yours. Online study allows you to complete your course in a duration you want, not what they want. You can complete your studies in 6 months, a year, 2 years or whichever period of time suits you.

Attending College To Further Your Career In Miami

Are you a Miami resident who is thinking about going back to school or going to school for the first time? College can be a great way to learn new skills and study a subject that you enjoy. While there are no guarantees, attending Miami colleges could give you the knowledge needed to enter a new career field. There are many benefits to furthering your education.

Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

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Attending College Can Give You a Fresh Start

Are you sick of your current job? Do you feel like you are going nowhere? If so, maybe it’s time to learn a new skill. Attending college can give you the opportunity to explore different career options. This can be a great way to learn more about a new career path so that you feel more prepared to apply for a completely different career. Many career choices require some sort of education.

College Can Be Affordable and Flexible

Many potential students assume that college is always expensive. While education is an investment, there are ways to get financial assistance for qualified applicants. You can speak with Miami college financial aid officers to better understand the requirements. You may be eligible for grants, scholarships, and loans. It is important to consider these options so that you can help make college more affordable. College is also becoming more flexible. Many Miami colleges have flexible programs that allow you to fit school in with your other responsibilities. You may even be able to attend college in the evenings or online.

Are you considering improving your education? Research Miami colleges to better understand all of your options. You may be able to learn the skills that could give you a fresh start in a new career.