Changing Trends Lead To Popularity Of Online Education

A 2005 research report states that enrollment in postsecondary distance learning courses has increased from 1.98 million in 2003 to 2.35 million in 2004. Why are so many Americans choosing to earn all or part of their college degrees online? Hectic schedules and time crunches may be part of the reason, but changes in social and work trends also contribute to career changes, and prompt many people to turn to online education.

Layoffs, Downsizing, and Displacement: A Springboard for Distance Learning

With rare exception, we no longer graduate college, go to work, and retire from the same company we originally went to work for. Downsizing, rightsizing, voluntary severance packages, and early retirement all add up to the same thing: Displaced workers who want to return to work, whether in the same or a new line of work. Homemakers displaced due to divorce must often join the workforce, and need to learn or update career skills. In an effort to recover, and sometimes restructure their professional lives, greater numbers of people are turning to distance education.

Quality Education Programs Available Online

If you want to take online college courses, but are concerned about the quality of distance education as compared to traditional classroom instruction, don’t worry. A 2005 survey found that 63% of academic institutions offering traditional undergraduate degrees also offer distance learning. In addition 65% of institutions report using primarily core faculty to teach online compared with 62% of core faculty assigned to teach classroom courses. If you want to enhance your t career potential, or train for an entirely new profession, online education programs offer everything from individual courses to graduate degree and certification programs. Make sure the online education program you choose is properly accredited and offers academic and technical support, and then get started on your first online college course!

An Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course Can Change Your World

If you find yourself never having time to do anything, then an Evelyn Wood speed reading course could be just the thing for you. With this course you can be guaranteed of doing at least one thing in your life more quickly. If you love reading but never seem to finish a book, have no time to even look at the newspaper, then this is the answer.

You will be able to read more quickly and more effectively when you finish an Evelyn Wood speed reading course. Now you will have time to read more and finish all those books piling up on your nightstand.

Use Speed Reading for Just About Anything

While the Evelyn Wood speed reading course is effectively utilized to assist people in rapidly gathering data from academic reference materials, it’s just as applicable to any type of reading material. Even an occasional reader can profit from the techniques learned in this program.

When you take an Evelyn Wood speed reading course you are introduced to the different ways to approach a variety of reading material. Reading an academic paper, reading a magazine, and reading literary books require different approaches.

With an academic paper there are often sections that you can skip or skim and only pick out the important information. With a magazine you can probably scan through articles without much difficulty. When you read a piece of fiction you want to be able to enjoy each word.

You can learn all these skills through the Evelyn Wood speed reading course. This will allow you to read through textbooks and journals quickly and only concentrate on the important parts. When you read fiction quickly you experience the story in a different way then you would when you read at a normal pace.

Speed reading has the remarkable ability to transport you into the world of the book you are reading. You are going along with the action of the characters. This is an exciting way to read as you can experience the things being described in the book when you are reading quickly.

On a purely practical level, this skill is a wonderful research tool. An Evelyn Wood speed reading course will help you cut to the chase and find important information quickly. You will also learn how to take effective notes which is important for exam preparation and writing quality essays.

By using the skills taught in this program in combination, you will be able to gain the most from the material you need and want to read.

A Food Handling Course Can Take You Places

In todays competitive world, education coupled with experience is essential to securing a great job in every field and industry. Without formal training, job prospects are often bleak and unpromising. With an endless amount of degrees, diplomas and certificates out there to choose from, it is incredibly difficult to decide what degree is a wise investment for the future. Unfortunately, many degrees can be very expensive and can be ultimately fruitless due to lack of applicability to the real-world. Many degrees fail to teach and hone hands on skills and only focus on textbook knowledge that can prove to be less than helpful once faced with the tactile responsibilities of the job. However, this is entirely the reverse situation with a food handling course. An education in properly preparing food safely is typically inexpensive and incredibly sought after in every city. The retail and hospitality industry is incredibly expansive with jobs always available for those with the proper qualifications. In todays economic climate where unemployment rates are rising and jobs are scarce, a food handing course stands the test of time. Official certification for food preparation allows holders to find jobs regardless of the state of the economy and guarantees job security.

Completing a food handling course will allow you to work in the exciting field of retail and hospitality. Within this industry there are endless opportunities. There are businesses and institutions in food service at every corner in need of qualified employees. Those who complete a food handling course find they are able to work in a wide variety of places. Small bistros and cafes require friendly and skilled workers to add to their quaint and lovely atmosphere. Larger restaurants are in need of high energy professionals who can accurately carry out food preparation tasks with care and agility. However, restaurants and eateries that are open to the public are only a small segment of where trained food workers are employed. Hospitals and schools are also an area where skilled people are required for food preparation. The retail and hospitality industry is an expansive field. There are many areas of interest concerning food preparation that are open for enthusiastic qualified individuals with the proper skill set. Undertaking a food handling course and securing important food preparation and handling skills will open your eyes to all the specialised areas where trained people are in high demand.

Food training is valuable in that it allows you to jump right into a professional food setting with ease and comfort. Completing a food handling course will give you the confidence to work in a professional environment without the fear that you lack the training to perform your role to the fullest. Working in an exciting team environment will be exhilarating and refreshing opposed to anxiety causing. Those who have a passion for cuisine and enjoy working with others flourish in the food environment and are sought out by industry leaders. In this field, food certification will allow you to go far, securing excellent positions in restaurants and other food service venues.